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A unique site!

The Seigneurie du Triton offers a unique site for trout fishing that stretches over 45 km2 and includes 12 lakes and a river. Discover an exceptional fishing quality and an environment with grand beauty that makes the Seigneurie du Triton a highly desired location for more than 110 years.

Come and experience a magnificent opportunity by travelling through time. An inn more than a hundred years old, an enchanting virgin territory, a tasty kitchen that belongs to you for the duration of your stay! Fishing, outdoors, hunting and much more.

Plan your vacation at the Pourvoirie du Triton

Thinking of planning outfitting holidays in Quebec for hunting, fishing, outdoors and nature discovery? Have you heard about the triton outfitter in Upper Mauricie? What's more normal! At the Seigneurie du Triton, you will find that it will not only answer your wishes, but you will also discover an environment of the most prestigious. The outfitter of the triton will undoubtedly allow you to experience a unique experience in the heart of the magnificent and generous nature!

More than 200 lakes including Edward Lake

At the Seigneurie du Triton, you will have access to a territory of more than 200 lakes that is rich in history. The lake triton from the Edward Lake is so famous that it has been visited by eminent members during its 150 years of exploitation. True fact: the Triton Lordship is accessible only by sea. This peculiarity of the Triton Seigneury makes the triton outfitter in the upper Mauricie a highly protected and high quality resort. No automobile, no motorcycle: there will be at the Seigneurie du Triton only the beneficent silence, the calm and the quiet will welcome you.

Warm and inviting hostel!

The Inn of the triton lordship, is more than a century old, is warm and welcoming as it is comfortable. Do not be afraid of your transportation to the triton outfitter! Whether you wish to reach the Triton Seigneury by train, car or bus, there is no need to worry about the final stage of the journey, which will finally take you to the enchanting domain of the Triton Seigneury. Indeed, to ensure that your stay starts in the most beautiful way, our team will pick you up by boat to take you to the triton seigneury outfitter. Believe us, you will long remember the time of your arrival at the Seigneurie du Triton. At the end of the lake, you will be amazed to discover in a single glance the famous Seigneurie du Triton and all its installations! A landscape that we will not be forgotten!

Hostels, cottages, Tipis ..

Several different packages are offered at the Seigneurie du Triton. These include fishing packages for the Québec nature discovery packages, outdoor recreation packages and vacation packages filled with adventures. Triton accommodations are possible in hostels, cottages or tipis, for an even more special experience.

Outdoor activities!

In addition to the hunting and fishing outfitter, several outdoor activities are offered at the Seigneurie du Triton, ranging from water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, rabaska, pedal boating and swimming, to other sports Such as cycling or hiking. Activities with black bear observation in the wilderness, beavers in their habitat, visiting spawning grounds and recreational activities such as petanque and irons, a visit to the Triton station , Campfires with tales and legends and walks on the water with torches.

The Seigneurie du Triton is an important history page in the outfitting industry. At the time of the Fish & Game Clubs in the 1880's, a railway engineer named Alexander Luders Lights worked on the railway linking the Quebec City & Chicoutimi, founded this place. This club with great fame, has received prestigious people such as American presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, some members of the Molson family, Winston Churchill, former British prime minister and many others.

Today, the Seigneurie du Triton is an equally prestigious outfitter, distinguished by its magnificent ancestral inn, its history and the quality of its services.

Located in the Edward Lake, Haute-Mauricie, the Seigneurie du Triton is accessible by VIA Rail Canada train and by road, where the team picks you up from the dock to take you to the site of the outfitter. The outfitter offers fishing packages for speckled trout in lakes and rivers. Fly fishing enthusiasts, you are at the right place. And for those wishing to learn fishing techniques, you will be delighted to hear that they offer fly fishing courses.

The resort activities are very numerous and ideal for families. A shore lunch meal in the midday sun, swimming, kayaking, interpretation of the fauna and flora, black bear watching or hiking, there is something for all tastes. It is even possible to spend the night under a teepee at their Innusit Village.

In European or American plan, the outfitter has a multitude of packages. La Seigneurie du Triton even offers special packages for your taste buds. With its delicious cuisine, gastonomic meals are served in the magnificent inn.

Welcome to the Lake Edward Triton, your vacation will simply be unforgettable!

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