Club Hosanna outfitter

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The territory of the Club Hosanna outfitter 

Well before the arrival of the white man, the territory of the Club Hosanna outfitter was a popular place for hunting and fishing by the coureurs des bois and Amerindians Atikameks. For more than 70 years, its owners have been able to preserve this majestic territory where the speckled trout is queen. Outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen and hunters are greeted in a custom fashion by a qualified staff in beautiful wooden cottages where warm decor and comfort is waiting. Lovers of nature and of great spaces, come and live the adventure at the Club Hosanna!

Outfitter Hosanna, an exceptional service!

In search of an outfitter in Quebec but more specifically a fishing outfitter?  This fancy outfitter will offer you an exceptional service. Look no further and quickly come discover all the charms and attractions of the Hosanna outfitter.

This outfitter is a family business founded in 1936  and was a result of  a Father to the Son transmission. The Hosanna  outfitter was subsequently acquired by Michel Beland in 1989 and is now managed by his children Eve and Max who, having grown up on the outfitter, know by heart the particularities of outfitting at the club Hosanna, as well as all its attractions.

110km of territory

The Hosanna Club is located in Trois-Rives, in the heart of the Mauricie region on an exclusive territory of more than 110 km. The territory of this outfitter is bordered by the St-Maurice river and with a rich lush forest covering the whole landscape leaving you a spectacular impression of calmness and well-being.

The flora and fauna is of abundance at the outfitter Hosanna, while also making it a First Choice fishing outfitter. Further more, fishing enthusiasts will be delighted to find that the Outfitter of the club Hosanna has an impressive number of speckled trout, rainbow trout and lake trout.

The comfort of twenty-two cottages and shelters

easily accessible since it is located only two hours from Montreal and Quebec, the outfitter Hosanna offers you the comfort of twenty-two cottages and shelters. Each of these are classified four and five stars by the Quebec Outfitters Federation and can accommodate two to twelve people. In addition, in order to facilitate your transportation, all the facilities of the outfitter Hosanna are accessible by car.

Open all year round 

The outfitter Hosanna is open all year. Since its main activity is fishing for trout, it has become over the years an outfitter renowned for it's trout. It has also won several awards. The outfitter Hosanna offers many packages with accommodation, and, according to the seasons, different activities that will appeal to all its visitors.

A multitude of activities

Do not look at any other outfitters in Quebec before having visited the facilities of the outfitter Hosanna. You will find the answer to all your wishes, whatever the season. In the summer, enjoy our many activities, including the canoe and the kayak, hiking, mountain biking, the visit of the mini-farm, the visit of the fall of the mountain, the visit of the pisciculture,the pêche en herbe activity, etc. The winter visitors will not be able to rest with the outdoor skating rink, the rental of snowshoes and cross-country skis, the white fishing, the sled dogs, the snowmobile, the hike of the trapper and the initiation to snowmobile.

At this outfitter, the oasis in complete nature is perfect for spending exceptional quality time with members of your family as well as your friends. A relaxation moment and a unique pleasure, in which you cherish for many years. At the return point, year after year after year!

In the heart of the Mauricie

Located right in the heart of the Mauricie region, specifically in Trois-Rives (St-Rock-de-Mékinac), this outfitter has exclusive rights for more than 110 km of territory dotted with an abundant forest bordered by the river Saint Maurice.

The outfitter Hosanna was founded in 1936 by Mr. Hosanna Cournoyer. It is in 1989 that Mr. Michel Beland made the acquisition. With his own hands, he has built magic cottages in round wood. After investing his heart and soul for more than 20 years to make it a successful business as it is today, Mr. Béland sold the business to his children in 2010. Eve and Max Béland grew up on the Outfitter and are passionate about nature, so they chose to take over.

The Club Hosanna outfitter is particularly distinguished by its 22 log cabins rated 4 to 5 stars. Well known to our French cousins, it represents very well the famous "hut in Canada". They offer unique charm and incredible beauty to its clientele. The cottages can accommodate between 2 and 12 people and they are all accessible by car.

With more than 30 lakes, where the speckled trout is the queen, the outfitter offers a variety of packages in European plan. It also includes rainbow trout and lake trout. Interesting fact; The outfitter participates in the pêche en herbe program, which aims to introduce toddlers to the fishery by offering them a free fishing clinic.

For the 2012 season, the new owners have built a new log house that will welcome you in a warm and welcoming place. With a large lounge, a conference room, bedroom and a souvenir shop. The motto of the outfitter is that each client is unique and receives a personalized service with supervision during all of his stay.

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