Find intimacy. Come and relive nature in the tranquility of our ancestors with today's facilities by practicing hunting, fishing and other family activities

In the 1880s, Quebec gave access to it's rivers and territories, to Canadian and American fishing amatures who were called "hunting & fishing club". The aim was to ensure the protection of wildlife. It was therefore up to the clubs to ensure the protection and custody of their respective territories (thus reducing the costs of the State).

The history of the J.E. Goyette outfitter began in the years when these private clubs were growing. The outfitting was then a club that belonged to the son of the famous Anne Stillman McCormick: Alexander Stillman. From 1930 to 1973, Mr. Goyette (Ernest) was the club's keeper. He used to bring his sons with him, the his sons took their first steps in # 1 cottage (one of the first cottages built). In those years, the domain could only be accessed by air or port.

Private clubs were subsequently abolished by the Quebec government in the 1970s. The reorganization of the system gave rise to controlled zones (Zecs), free territories and outfitters. In 1973, Mr. Goyette's son, Émile, acquired the outfitter. In 1983, Émile lost his life in a tragic plane crash. The youngest of his brothers, Jacques, decided to take over. In 2014 the outfitter was sold to Guy Paradis, a Latuquois who with his very welcoming and dynamic family continues the improvement of the field.

Today, the new owner is constantly working on his outfitting to satisfy their clientele. The outfitter has 8 cottages that can accommodate up to 12 people, offering all the necessary amenities and are rated from 2 to 4 stars.

Packages with an European plan are offered for fishing, hunting as well as for the resort. As the outfitter has a large area of ??116.2 square kilometers on a territory with exclusive rights, moose hunters have an average success rate of 70%. But it is also an excellent territory for the hunting of the bear and small game. For the fishermen, there are 34 lakes offered to you containing speckled trout, lake trout (gray trout) and northern pike. At the J.E. Goyette outfitter trophies are not uncommon!

You will be impressed by the majestic red pine scenery, just 1 hour from La Tuque by taking forest road 461 (Route-25), junction 459 (junction 23 South) and 4 hours from Montréal and Québec City. The clientele of the outfitters still return year after year, giving great satisfaction.

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